Property Selection

Once you have seen a property on our website (or via a property alert) that interests you, we urge you to express your interest asap in order to increase your chances of securing the deal (please note that many of our deals are snapped up within 24 to 48 hrs of being listed). 

You may express your interest in a property by either submitting an enquiry on the property that you are interested in, or alternatively by calling the relevant agent who’s contact details will be on the property information page. Our agents will be ready and waiting to assist you. If you are unsure of exactly what you are looking for, we will gladly assist you in selecting a property that matches your exact criteria and requirements.


Please make sure to arrange a viewing with your relevant agent as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out. Many of our properties get sold on the very first viewing/showing due to the high demand of our properties as well as our large investor client base and following. It is therefore important that you make sure that you are able to attend the first viewing if you are interested in viewing the property.

Doing the Deal

Once you are 100% happy and have decided to officially go ahead with the purchase, your agent will either meet with you in order to sign an Offer to Purchase, alternatively if no meeting is required (this is entirely up to you), your agent will email you the Offer-To-Purchase for your signing. Once we receive the signed Offer-To-Purchase back from yourself, we will present the documentation to the seller and get them to counter sign the offer.

Payment and Finance

Once we have received the signed Offer-To-Purchase back from the seller it is time to arrange payment of the property.

  • If you are paying with cash, the transferring attorneys will request the purchase price to be paid into their interest bearing trust account within 5 working days (this may however vary from deal to deal).
  • If however you require finance to be arranged for you, we will gladly assist you through our in-house finance department who will contact you immediately to arrange your bond application. Once your bond application is approved, the transferring attorneys will be in touch with you shortly thereafter and guide you through the transfer process step by step all the way through to REGISTRATION, at which point the property becomes yours.
(For BUY-TO-LET investors) Sourcing Tenants and Managing Your Property

In a lot of cases your property will already have an existing tenant in place, in this case you may either keep the existing tenant on, or alternatively we can assist you in sourcing a new tenant.

We are in partnership with numerous reputable letting agencies in South Africa who are able to take on the full blown management of your properties. They cover all aspects such as sourcing a decent paying tenant, monthly rental collections, property maintenance, regular inspections etc. This will allow you to focus your time on expanding your portfolio rather than getting involved in the day to day ‘nitty gritty’ of managing a property portfolio and dealing with tenants.

This ultimately means that you don’t even need to reside in the same city as your property portfolio, everything can be managed remotely by simply communicating with your letting agent on a regular basis.